Jumbo Tennis Ball - 9.4 in Wide!

  • $15.97
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 Is this toy right for your dog?  Let's decide:

  • Can your dog basically swallow a tennis ball whole?
  • Does your dog shred toys into a million pieces before you can even say "fetch"?
  • Are you pretty sure even recycled tires wouldn't last with your dog?

Give your pup a challenge - a tennis ball they can't fit in their mouth!  

Item Specifics:
Size: 9.4 in (24 cm) wide - HUGE!


This ball is designed with the rubber core of a basketball and the felt exterior of a tennis ball.  It's much thicker than a normal tennis ball, but some dogs will still be able to destroy it. You know your dog better than we do!

The ball ships deflated - Please inflate the ball until it is as firm as you can make it.

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